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About RenTandem™

Landlord-tenant arrangements originated thousands of years ago, but that's no reason to rely on antiquated practices. People are still filling out paper inspection forms, visiting properties to find out the model of a toilet that needs a new part, and playing phone tag to schedule repairs . . .

This would be like sending a messenger pigeon rather than an email or a text.

RenTandem™ uses available technology and practical experience to modernize the rental process, benefitting landlords and tenants alike.

Today, nearly half of all Americans rent their homes. Despite impacting so many, the system has been slow to evolve. Just try to find one landlord or tenant who cannot share a story of a rental gone wrong.

Rampant evictions and courts overwhelmed by cases related to rentals indicate things need to change.

It's time to move in a new direction.

Whether you're a first-time tenant or a seasoned landlord, RenTandem™ offers resources to reduce risk, simplify management, and resolve issues easily and inexpensively.

Drawing on insight from 30 years’ experience as a residential landlord and nearly two decades of practicing law, RenTandem™ seeks to empower landlords and tenants alike with straight-forward and innovative solutions.

Let's move forward in the right direction together.

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