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Yes. We offer several tools you may find useful including tutorials, the Repair Request Report and Expediate, our streamlined mediation service. Our Checklist should be completed within the first week or so of moving in, and again shortly before you move out. Some lease agreements will state that you need to report any issues to the Owner or Property Manager within a shorter period of time than this. Though not required, an inspection is ideally done without your own belongings in the way.

Not at this time. Check back soon.
We are not currently offering a lease agreement. There is a tutorial Reading Your Lease Agreement in the Resources section of the website.
I am a Tenant and I’m Considering Your Services
Yes. While some offerings may not be available, you can make use of the Resources and the Inspection Checklist. Additional services coming soon!

If you want to use our Expediate service, however, your roommate(s) will need to provide a signed statement that they will comply with any resolution brokered during mediation.

For services that are priced based on the cost of the lease, you will be charged based on the full cost of the lease even if one or more tenants is not interested in the service.
Based on information you provide in your Checklist, a Report is generated on those items that need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. You can update the Report to indicate completed items and add new ones. We will check back in with you to see if the requested repairs were completed, and can send a reminder to your landlord about any items that have not yet been repaired or replaced.

If the issue remains unresolved and your lease agreement does not provide self-help solutions, you can seek mediation through our Expediate service.
No problem. Most lease agreements state who is responsible for various repairs and/or damages. We recommend you review your lease agreement and if you believe you are responsible, take appropriate action. In any event, we suggest that you document what happened and take photos and/or videos. If this is an item that you broke and it is not the type of damage your landlord would typically need to pay for, you will likely be held responsible. We cannot give you advice on this, but your owner may appreciate that you report and repair an item you have damaged.
It may be helpful if you can take pictures of identifying information such as the model number. If your landlord knows what needs to be repaired or replaced, it may help the issue be resolved more quickly.
Tell me more about the Checklist
We recommend that you take at least one photo that shows the general condition of each room. You may upload several photos of each room and should take photos of all issues you spot. We do recommend that you keep video clips to 10 seconds or less to faciitate video uploading.
When you complete the Checklist, we ask that youtake photos or videos through RenTandem™ concurrently. They will be geotagged and time-date stamped. Any pictures and videos not taken at the same time as when the Checklist is submitted are improper and cannot be relied upon in connection with any Expediate efforts or litigation assistance.
When you upload photos or videos to RenTandem™, they are securely stored and time-date stamped. You cannot modify them once uploaded. Should issues related to your rental end up in Court, we can provide to you documents that may be useful in court authenticating the materials you uploaded to our servers.
We recommend that you complete the Checklist within the first week or two of moving in. Some lease agreements will state that you need to report any issues to the Owner or Property Manager within a shorter period of time than this. We also recommend that you complete the Checklist at the end of your tenancy, typically after you have removed your possessions from the rental.
Once a Checklist is submitted, it cannot be altered. You can, however, submit a new checklist. If you are storing your Evidence Locker materials on our servers, contact customer service and request a discount code for the new Checklist.
Tell me more about Expediate
Fill in the one page intake form. This should take 15 minutes or less. Include a brief statement of the issue and provide time slots when you are available to Expediate as possible to facilitate scheduling. Unless mediation is required under your lease agreement, and Expediate meets the criteria set forth in your lease agreement, both parties will need to agree to mediate. Both parties will need to agree to the terms of our Mediation Agreement and to the terms of any agreement reached through the mediation.
Due to the complex rules surrounding evictions, if an eviction proceeding is pending or eviction-related papers have been filed in your case, it is not possible to Expeidate at this time.
It depends on how many issues you have submitted. For one issue, expect the entire process to take 2 hours or less. Having evidence including everything in your Evidence Locker will help streamline the process.
Sometimes, the other party is willing to participate if they do not have to pay towards the service. If the other party has not agreed to mediate, we can reach out and see if they are willing to participate if they do not have to pay towards the service. In such a case, the mediator will not be told who has paid before the mediation session. You can seek to have half or all of the cost of the mediation repaid as part of the resolution to the issue.
The session will take place by video conference. You will be asked to provide prior to the session any additional evidence not in your Evidence Locker. If, for example, you have rent payment history and the Landlord has raised questions about the timeliness or completeness of your rental payments, you should download statements that show you rent history.
Generally, we find that providing information and evidence can help resolve issues. Of course, we appreciate that you want to protect your privacy. One solution for sensitive information such as bank statements is to cover up or black out details from your statement that are not relevant. Call customer service if you have questions on how to do this.